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 TCK Thermal Profiler
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About Us


        TOPCITY, focusing efforts on temperature profile mapping process, specializes in providing analysis solution and technical support for temperature profile mapping in severe environmental conditions. Its products are applicable to many industries such as smt reflow & dip wave, painting, hot setting, food  preparation, ceramic burning, metallurgy, etc, making it the leader in the temperature profile mapping and analysis field.

      Main Product:

      SMT Thermal Profiler

           TC-40KII               TC-60KII             TC-80KII             TC-60KS

           TCK1203              TCK1206           TCK1209            TCK1200

      DIP Wave Test System      W-1

      Baking Profiler for Painting & Food preparation

           TCK1204  4 CH  UV Oven Thermal Profiler

           TCK2000  3---9 CH  High Temperature Oven Profiler

      Thermocouple Welder     TC2000+




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